All money for this tour must be paid to Tony Wood by 20th APRIL 2022 Though the bank account as before,




1) Everyone in the group plays a round of golf and calculates their net score (stroke/medal play). Pairs of golfers are then drawn randomly and the best aggregate net score wins the pot for the lucky duo!

Playing 4BBB With 4-Person Teams

If four-person teams are in use, then 4BBB works like this:

  • All four golfers tee off and play their own balls into the hole.
  • The low score among the four counts as the team score for that hole.

If on Hole 1, Golfer A scores 6, B gets a 5, C scores 6 and D makes a 4, then the team score for that hole is 4.

Texas Scramble is a form of team competition in golf. In the purest, simplest form of Texas Scramble, all members of the team, which is normally made up of 3 or 4 players, tee off. 

After all have teed off, the team decide which drive is the best. From there, all members of the team place their golf balls where the chosen drive ended up, with all members playing a second shot from this spot.

From these second shots, one is chosen and all play a third shot from there – and so on until the ball is holed. Each team returns one score for each hole and the team with the lowest score for the round wins.

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